Michel Grosz

Peer-Reviewed Publications

"The Effect of Local Labor Market Downturns on Postsecondary Enrollment and Program Choice," with Andrew Foote. Forthcoming, Education Finance and Policy

"The Returns to a Large Community College Program: Evidence from Admissions Lotteries." American Economic Journal: Economic Policy. 2020. 12 (1): 226-53.

"Career Technical Education and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from California Community Colleges," with Michal Kurlaender and Ann Stevens. Journal of Human Resources, 2019. 54(4), 986-1036. (Pre-publication version)

"The Effect of Lower Transaction Costs on Disability Insurance Application Rates and Participation," with Stephanie Rennane and Andrew Foote. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 2019. 38(1), 99-123. (Pre-publication version)

"Locate Your Nearest Exit: Mass Layoffs and Local Labor Market Response," with Andrew Foote and Ann Stevens. ILR Review, 2019. 72(1), 101-126. (Pre-publication version)

Working Papers

"In-State Tuition Policies and the College Decisions of Undocumented Students: Evidence from Colorado," with Annie Hines.
Revisions requested.

"Selection into Identification in Fixed Effects Models, with Application to Head Start," with Doug Miller and Na'ama Shenhav. NBER Working Paper 26174.
Under review.

"Do Postsecondary Training Programs Respond to the Labor Market?" FTC Bureau of Economics Working Paper 343.
Under review.

"Capacity and Flexibility in CTE Programs: Program Offerings and Student Success," with Michal Kurlaender and Ann Stevens.
Under review.

"Admissions Policies, Cohort Composition, and Academic Success: Evidence from California."
Under review.

"Relaxing Electoral Constraints in Local Education Funding," with Ross Milton.

Work In Progress

"School Infrastructure Spending and Academic Outcomes," with Ross Milton.

"Event Studies with Secular Time Trends," with Matt Naven.


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